Grow your own spinach plants at home

Spinach has nourishing rich elements. If you like to eat spinach then you can grow it at home very easily. Grow spinach in a large clay pot, so that you can enjoy it all the time.

Choose the pot and right spot: The pot should be large enough to grow spinach, so that they can be easily sprout in them in large quantity. Spinach doesn’t need much sunlight, so keep the pot away from strong sunlight.

Sowing: The seed should be sown in the middle of August and then it will grow within 8 weeks in winters. The seed should be sown 2 inch deep in the soil.

Water: Spinach needs moisture for growth. Give water in right quantity but don’t overdo it so much that it will rot. Water spinach two times a day.

Manure: Spinach plants require manure to grow well, so give them natural manure every after 10 days. Give manure until it becomes harvestable. Kitchen waste, cow dung or other fruits and leaves can be used in natural manure.

Harvesting: Spinach plant needs 6-8 weeks easily to grow. If you want, either you can break the leaves or you remove the entire plant from the root. The plant should be cut before it starts flowering.

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