cure for fruits

Learn How to prevent sliced fruit from turning brown

Often, we see that any fruits like apples and pear get brown in color when they are kept for some time after slicing into pieces, and people who love to eat fruits always worry about how they should be prevented from getting brown. It is possible that you may have cut lots of fruits, but you are not able to eat them because of some reason. So in this case we will tell you how to protect them, so that neither they change their colour nor their freshness.

Lemon Juice: Lemon juice prevents from the browning of the fruit which helps in keeping the fruit crunchy. With a lemon juice, you can maintain the freshness of 1.5 bowls of fruits. You just have to squeeze the lemon on the sliced fruit and mix it well on the whole fruit in the bowl. After pouring lemon juice on the fruit, do not forget to put it in the fridge.

Plastic Wrap: Cut the fruit and keep it wrapped in a plastic packet or aluminium foil, along with a bowl. Then make small tiny holes in it. One reason for covering the fruits is that by doing this the fruits will not smell with the fragrance of other food items and will not spread their fragrance in the fridge.

Citric Acid: By using this your fruit will remain fresh upto 10-12 hours. You can find citric acid powder easily in the market. By using this, the taste of your fruits will remain the same.

Cold Water: Pack the sliced fruit in a box and then keep put it in the ice cold water. This will keep your fruit fresh for 3-4 hours.

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