decoction preparation

The method of decoction preparation for cattle

In Punjab, people usually do animal husbandry in a traditional manner in the village, but nowadays many farmers are there, who are not aware of the method of making a decoction properly, which is given to the cattle after their pregnancy. Today, the method of decoction preparation is being share with you. In about 2 hours, after the cattle has delivered the child, decoction should be given. Benefit of giving decoction to the cattle after birth is that the placenta will come out quickly and there will be no indigestion.

1. Put fennel, thymes, fenugreek, soya, Kadu, kaali ziri ,dhauli ziri, big cardamom, ground ginger and brown chilies in decoction. Add one tola (about 11 grams) of everything.

2. Boil about 3 kg of water before making the decoction. Grind all the ingredients and put it into the boiling water and keep the flame on moderate. When the quantity of water mixture is reduced to half, add 250 gm to half kg of jaggery or sugar into it and keep stirring it with the ladle. After a while, take it off of the flame, cool it down and give it to the animal.

3. Give this decoction for about 4-5 days to the cattle who has recently delivered the child.

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