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Method of preparation of Beej Amrit and usage

The use of Beej amrit in natural farming is done to make the seeds disease and pest resistant. Among 100 seeds sown with the help of Beej amrit 90 seeds sprouted out successfully, whereas seeds sown with the help of chemicals are much less in number. The procedure of making Beej amrit for 40 kg wheat and 20kg paddy is as follow:

Required Material:
1. Desi Cow’s or Buffalo’s cow dung: 1 Kg
2. Urine of Desi cow’s or buffalo’s: 1 liter
3. Raw milk: 100 ml
4. Normal water: 2.5 liter
5. Limestone Powder: 50 gram

Mix Desi cow or buffalo cow dung, urine, raw milk and 2 liters water in a bowl. In other bowl mix the water left with 50 gram limestone powder. Cover both bowls with lid separately and leave for 24 hours. Now, filter out the extra water from the mixture with the help of cloth in a separate bowl. Beed Amrit is ready now.

1. While sprinkling Beej Amrit on wheat seeds, rub the seeds with both the hands lightly.
2. After that seeds are dried in shades and then are used for sowing.
3. The water which is kept for paddy seeds germination, add Beej Amrit to that water.
4. After coming of moisture content in seeds, use these seeds for seedling germination.
5. Do not use lime of Beej Amrit for pulses and mild nature seeds.

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