Precautions that should be taken for better animal husbandry

As far as possible, cattle should be given green fodder.

If possible, try not to give medicines to cattle with hollow pipe.

Milking should be done with the help of fist not fingers

Cattle must be fed iodized salt

If there is mastitis disease, contact the nearest doctor immediately.

After every three months cattle should be given medicine for  stomach worms.

Artificial insemination procedure should be preferred for breed improvement.

If possible, keep record of the animal’s milk production.

Calcium should not be stored with vitamin tablets.

Every month animals should be given mineral mixture along with their diet.

Cattle should not be vaccinated with Oxytocin.

The animal stays in the heat for 24-36 hours. Therefore, AI should be done after 12 hours of the heat state detection.

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