precaution while buying fruit plants

Precautions to be taken while buying fruit plants

1. If you are planning to buy fruit plants, then better buy it yourself from a trusted nursery.

2. Keep in mind that the average length of plants is fine and after tying the cutting, plant should be kept in the nursery for at least one year.

3. Joint should be smooth, properly joined and plant should be disease free during the grafting procedure of the cuttings

4. While taking out the plant from the soil, keep in mind that the roots are not damaged in any way.

5. Take out the evergreen plants in the rainy days, with the soil.

6. After taking out the plant from the nursery, tie roots along with the soil, so that the soil does not get separated from the roots at the time of transporting it and air does not comes in contact with the root.

7. If the plants are to be carried up to long distances, keep sprinkling some water on the way as needed.

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