benefit of bael

Advantageous benefits of Bael juice

Bael is one of the main summer fruit to get relief from heat and in Ayurveda it is described as the mine of advantageous health properties. Along with improving the health it also refines the beauty. Inner part of the hardened bael is very soft and fibrous.

• Regular consumption of bael juice protect us from heat waves.

Regular consumption of bael juice helps in alleviating gastric, constipation and indigestion problems.

Its use helps to control cholesterol.

By drinking the bael juice daily, cleans the blood by eliminating toxic elemssents from the blood.

During pregnancy, women feeling anxiety and nervousness is very common, in such situation try to give two spoons of dry ginger and bael juice.

Bael is a good remedy for digestive disorders, it helps in killing the worms present in the intestines.

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