Pusa compost – Composting in 60 Days within 4 steps to get rich organic manure

Compost is carbonic element which is made by rotting agricultural remains and helps in increasing fertility of the soil. Agricultural remains from any crop farming such as leaves, grass, animals litter, urine, fodder remains, peel of fruits and vegetables, remains after training and pruning of lawns and gardens. Don’t add non-biodegradable products such as plastic, rubber, metal, polythene etc.

To make the compost in small level you required hoe, bathal, basket, rack etc. and for making compost at big level tractors are required to save the time and labour. To mix the products in smooth way, tunner-cum-mixer is required. Similar to this way, to place the raw and prepared material to new place loader, composting is required, to cut the branches into smaller pieces clutcher is required and to filter the prepared manure filtering machines are required.

Common issues found in making compost:

• Due to the presence of high amount of Carbon nitrogen (C:N) in plant remains the dissolution occurs slowly.
• Due to the presence of low amount of phosphorus, low level of compost gets prepared.
• To prepare the good quality compost it requires more days (120-150 days).
• The major problem found in natural manure is grass seeds and plant’s diseases.
• Due to the incomplete dissolution toxicity is found in plant which will affect the germination of plant and ultimately dies.

Compost preparation method:

First of all heap is made of plant remains in length. This type of heap is known as wind-rose. It is 2.0-2.5cm wide and 10-100m long according to the space available. The heap contains 80% plant remain and 20% fresh cow dung.
• Spraying of microscopic cultured powder should be done.
• Immediately after adding culture first upturning is done, second upturn is done after 10 days, third after 25 days, fourth after 40 days and fifth after 55-60 days should be done.
• In between upturns spraying of water should be done to make the heap moist and is also helps in making the right shape.
• After 60-70 days prepared manure is ready to add in the fields.
By this way this manure contains more amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, potash and other microscopic elements.

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