Symptoms of Gram Blight

Spots appear on branches, stems, leaves and pods and these spots are of dotted shape. Seeds, which are present in the pods, are also infected by it.

al rico garbanzo castellano

Gram blight normally affects the crops in the month of February. Whole crop looks blighted and the yield is decreased.

Control Measures:

1. Use blight resistant varieties of Gram such as PBG7, PBG5, PBG1 and PDG4.

2. Uproot the infected plants and destroy the infected plants outside the field.

3. Treat the seeds with Captain or Bavistin 3 gm/kg of seeds before sowing.

4. At the appearance of the blight, spray propiconazole 25 EC 100 ml or pulsar 200 gm per 150 liter of water per acre.

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