Things to be kept in mind before starting dairy farming

If the dairy farm is started with right methods and proper information, then it is a very successful business as it is one of the best allied activities in agriculture. To start dairy farm at a large scale, visit a successful dairy farmer and get to know about every details related to it because you can know best when you analyse something by yourself. We are going to share some important points with you.

• Do not buy all the cows at once, buy them at a time gap of 2 months or buy 3 cows in starting and then buy some cows after 3 months, milk supply will be regular like this.

• Breed of cattle is most important. While buying cattle try to milk the cattle 3 times before buying. Average milk should not be less than 12 liter for buffalo and 16-17 liter for cows.

• The exact time of purchase of cattle is from the peaks of Rakshabandhan to Baisakhi, as the weather is good in that time and green fodder is also easily available.

• Do not make the cattle shed near the road; shed should be 900 square feet away from the road. There should be proper ventilation and arrangements for sunlight in the shed.

• Always make the shed 2 feet high from the field because water flows in the lower area, which results in contamination and also the excretion of the animals is easily drained.

• The manger for cattle should be 2.5 to 3 feet broad; an animal needs around four feet to stand on the Cliff. That means 40 feet long manger is needed for 10 animals.

• Make a store to keep the things related to the dairy farm. It is very necessary that the store for animal feed should be moisture free.

• Floor should be barn, non-slippery and easy to clean.

• Leave the animals open in the shed with proper arrangements of fodder and water. Leaving the animals open in the shed reduces bloating and other problems in animals.

• Buy only the needed things to avoid economic loss and also get insurance for every cattle.

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