precaution for milk increase

Use these prescriptions to take more milk than animals

The quantity of milk produced by the animal directly depends on their diet/dose and the way in which they are managed.

1. Strop milking the pregnant cows/buffaloes almost two months before their delivery date. During this time, add 2-3 kg of grains/feed/wheat flour dough in their diet. In this mixture, 3% of good quality of minerals should also be added.

2. 15 days before the delivery, feed 750 grams of wheat oatmeal or maize. During this time, feed 5 grams of Vitamin D.

3. One month before the delivery give organic zinc, copper and manganese, once to every cow/buffalo.

4. Immediately after the delivery, give more quantity of wheat oatmeal to cows/buffaloes. Gradually increase the dose until the milk yield reaches a very high level. After the delivery, give half liter of electrolyte solution to cows/buffaloes increases the milk production as well.

5. Do not let the cow/buffalo to be in the direct sunlight.

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