mustard crop

Varieties of Mustard Crop

Mustard crop provides us with the seeds for mustard oil. It is sown in Rabi season. There are lot of varieties available such as RH 0406, 0749, 9801 and 45S42 (PIONEER). Other two varieties GSC-7 and GSC-6 are also available and they are also known as ”Gobhi Saron”. The yield of GSC- 7 is 8 quintal per acre and that of 0749 is 8-10 quintal per acre. All the varieties can be grown in all types of soil like sandy, loamy soils etc.

RH 406
RH 406
Mustard seed-45S42
mustard seed
RH 749

GSC-7 variety contains 40% of oil content. This Variety is matures in almost 150 days or so. All these varieties require irrigation 3 times in a season. At the time of sowing, seed treatment is necessary for good growth and better yield. Seeds should be treated with Rhizobium or Fungicides.

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