animal teeth

Ways to find the age of animals

Age of cows and buffaloes can be traced from their teeth and curved horns. Cattle teeth are of 3 types:
1. Front teeth
2. Jaws
3. Back teeth

At the time of birth, there are temporary teeth in the lower jaw of the calf. After a week they become 4 and 4 weeks counting reaches to 8.

After 2 and half year permanent teeth at front come out completely and after 5 years 8 permanent teeth can be seen.

After 5 years animal’s age can be traced from chipped teeth.

In the 7th year half teeth get chipped and in 10th year only roots are left.

From 13th to 16th year only few teeth are left.

You can also guess the age of animals by spiral shaped horns. At the age of 2 years first curve can be seen in animal horns. After 2 years one more curve can be seen. For example, is there are four curves in the animal’s horns, it can be 5 years old.

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