Information regarding Foot rot disease in Basmati crop and precautions

It is a disease caused by fungus in Basmati crop, causing affected plants to turn yellow and start drying up from the bottom. Affected plants are higher than ordinary plants and start forming roots from the upper part of the ground. This disease shows white or pink fungus on the exterior leaves of the stem.

For its prevention:

Use disease-free seeds.

Treat seeds and seedlings before sowing. Before planting the seedlings in the field, immerse the roots in the solution of Bavistin 50 W. P. (0.2%) for 6 hours and then immerse the Trichoderma Harzianum 15 gm per liter of water for 6 hours.

Uproot the affected plants.

To produce disease-free seeds, Tilt 25 EC 200 ml on the seed bearing crop. Mix 200 liters of water and spray it when the crop starts blooming.

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