Know about how to prepare and use of herbal spray

Market-related insecticides are very dangerous for crops, so we should use maximum herbal spray. Today we are going to tell you about the procedure to prepare the herbal spray.

Important ingredients to prepare Herbal Spray
Plastic Drum: Capacity of 100 Ltr, Cow Urine: 60 Ltr, Onion: 1 Kg, Ginger: 1 Kg, Garlic: 1Kg, Green Chili: 0.5 Kg, Neem Leaves: 2.5 Kg, Acacia leaves: 2.5 Kg, Thorn apple plants Leaves: 0.5 Kg, Papaya Leaves: 0.5 Kg

Procedure to make Herbal spray

Collect cow urine in a drum.

Grind the available ingredients to make paste.

Mix all into the drum.

Keep stirring the contents stored in the drum at the interval of 5 to 6 days.

Herbal spray will get ready in 40 to 45 days.

Method of Use

Spraying of herbal spray is done at the interval of 20 days to protect against insect and disease.

• Mixing 20 liter herbal spray in 100 liters of water gives better results when sprayed in 1 acre of land.

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