Will not be a loss from fumes Bio gas is a boon

What is Bio-gas ?

Bio gas is a source of energy which can be used again and again. It is used in fields and for household works. Its main component is Hydro-carbon, which is flammable and which provides heat and energy upon burning. Bio-gas is produced by a biochemical process, under which certain types of waste bacteria are converted into useful biological bio-gas. This gas is called bio-gas because it is produced biologically. Its main part is methane gas.

Bio-gas production method

The way to make bio-gas is opposite, it can be divided into two parts. These two parts are called sequential acid formation levels and methane formation levels. At the first level, the biodegradable complex compound is activated by the group of bacteria producing acid in the dung.

Raw material needed for bio-gas production

Animal dung is considered to be the main raw material for bio-gas plant, but additionally the excreta, poultry beetle and the farming left-handed can also be used.

Benefits of Bio-gas

• It prevents pollution because it does not harm the environment.

• The raw materials needed for its production are found in abundance in the villages, for which no cost has to be made.

• It does not produce bio-gas alone, but also produces organic fertilizers which is used in the crops. Thereby, the crop production also increases.

• The small houses in the villages where wood and cow dung cakes are used for fire, creates smoke problem, there is no problem of smoke with the use of bio-gas.

• It also controls the pollution because in this the dung is not kept open. Due to which mosquitoes and bacteria do not arise.

• Along with bio-gas, wood is also gets saved, which does not require cutting of trees and also protects trees.

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