Relief from udder swelling in animals

The problem of the swelling of udders in animals is now more common than before. Before going in for medical treatment, some household treatments should be given. Let us know about some of these home remedies:

1. Do massage of udder with mustard oil: In case of disease of udder, cattle keeper should put little amount of mustard oil in hot water and use this mixture to massage the udder. Mustard oil has qualities which decrease swelling and it also increases the blood circulation which helps in curing the wound sooner. In addition, mustard oil is also a disinfectant.

2. Mixture of turmeric and mustard oil to massage swelling of udder: Mix powdered turmeric with mustard oil and form paste of this combination. Massage the swelling area with this paste. Both mustard oil and turmeric are disinfectants but they also have power to decrease the swelling and the paste of these two removes swelling of udder, cures the wound and destroys the bacteria.

3. Black pepper and jaggery : Animals are fed with the mixture made up of Black pepper Glow and jaggery. Glow and black pepper have properties to cure the swelling of udder.

4. Garlic: Give garlic after regular intervals to the animal. Medical properties of Garlic destroy bacteria and infection, which is hence helpful in preventing swelling.

5. According to another cure, a mixture of 100 gram baking soda, 100 gram lemon juice, 100 gram barley powder, black pepper, 20 gram desi ghee, 1 kg sugar and 100 gram kalmi shora, given twice a day to animals is also helpful.

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