Single treatment for many diseases: Wheat grass

Wheat grass is a gift that helps us to fight with many kinds of diseases. It is a collection of many minerals and vitamins. You can use it in two ways, either by eating through chewing or by drinking its juice. It is also a cure for many diseases and also prevents from various diseases from occurring.

Growing method:



For single person, you can grow wheat grass by this given below method:

• Take 1 foot long and 4 inch deep pot or container and for every pot or container take 100gm of wheat grass seeds.

• Soak the wheat in water for 12 hours.

• After that, tie the seeds in thick moist cotton cloth for germination for 12-14 hours.

• Spread the germinated seeds in pot or container which are filled with soil.

• You can also cultivate them in furrow and sow the seeds in a way that seeds should touch each other.

• After that, spread the thin layer of well decomposed manure or vermi-compost on sown seeds and cover them.

• After 24 hours when seeds start germinating then depending upon the climate light irrigation should be given.

• Don’t over water. It is best to pour water in the evening.


Cutting of wheat grass can be done at the interval of 7 days. On 7th day with the help of scissor when grass reaches the height of 4-5 inches then cutting can be done. Harvested grass is crushed in mixer grinder to make juice and after that filter the juice in cotton cloth.


Use only fresh wheat grass juice for consumption. For its good results consume it in morning time. In normal disease condition consume 100 gm or 100 ml wheat grass juice daily. And in serious disease condition it should be consume 20-25 ml daily and this amount should be made to 200-250 ml. If the disease gets corrected, then it should be consumed 50 ml daily.



• Wheat grass contains chlorophyll and many types of disease preventive and nutritional elements.

• It helps in curing heart and blood circulation related diseases such as respiratory system, digestive system, teethes and gums, joint pain, brain and skin disease.

• The juice of wheat grass helps in curing terrible diseases like cancer.


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