What evil we are annihilating by polluting our environment ?

How many Ravan’s are burnt every year?

Every year in country thousands of Ravan’s are burned, from this it can’t be understood whether we are ending Ravana or creating pollution. If the firecrackers are not used in the statue of Ravana, there will not be much pollution. But in most of the statues, loud voiced crackers are used, which is responsible for increasing air pollution.

How many crores of rupees are spent to generate air pollution?

The research has never been done about how many crores of rupees are spent on crackers on the statues of Ravan, Meghnatha, Kumbhkarana and how much air pollution will it cause. A few years ago, there was a combustion of evil iconic idols at one or two major places of the city, with social unity. But now, Ramleela and TV Despite cinema there is attraction for the whole country. But the point of note is that if this matter is not linked to religion, then all this is totally useless and can prove very dangerous for our environment.

Where various organizations work to save the environment and many laws have also been made to protect the air from pollution, we are ignoring this fact and inviting many diseases in the name of festival. It is unfair to pollute the air for only a few minutes adventure and we may have to pay the huge damages.

What can we do?

Some types of air pollution are due to natural causes which are not in the hands of human. Sandy storms are rising in the desert, smoke generated by the burning of fire and grass in the forest gives rise to some chemicals which pollute the air. Pollution can originate from any country, but its impact falls everywhere. But whatever factors we have in our hands, we can stop them. Being a responsible citizen, we should definitely give our contribution to stop this air pollution and not wait for the situation to worsen.

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