Method of making FYM

Method of making FYM Farm Yard Manure

Method of making FYM (Farm Yard Manure):

To prepare good quality FYM, it should be prepared in the pit. FYM should be prepared in fixed dimension pits. In pits the FYM gets rotten in good way and its dosage element is handled. The right way to make FYM properly is this way.

Gathering of animals excreta:

The important thing is to gather animal excreta without losing its urine. Therefore straw, waste fodder or remains of crop is spread under the animals so that urine gets absorbed in it. Paddy straw is very suitable for this. 1 kg straw will absorb approximately 1.5 kg urine. By absorbing urine in straw, the proportion of carbon and nitrogen also gets reduced. Because of this reason the straw gets rotten earlier. If there is a solid floor under the animal, then about 50% urine can be gathered, which can be added on Farm waste with the help of buckets.

Pit digging:

The dimensions of pit will depend upon the number of animals and the amount of excreta. Mainly for 3-5 animals excreta, 6-7 m long, 1-1.5 m wide and 3 feet deep pit is enough. The depth of pit from one side should be 3 feet and from another side it should be 3.5 feet. Dug the pit at a place where rain water cannot gets gathered. Ridges should be made around the pit.

Pit filling:

Starts filling the pit with a low deep side and fill it up to 1.5 feet high from the ground and then make 1.5-2 inch thick soil layer above it. By doing this, the seeds of the farm waste will also be degraded and the dosage elements will be saved from the sunlight.

Number of pits:

Every farmer must have at least 2-3 pits so that first pit gets covered after adding soil and then second pit should be start filling. During this time, the FYM of first pit will be ready to be added in the field, which will again get free after using manure.

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