You can boost your income from these pulse processing methods

Increase pulses use by processing methods

Pulses are used to produce many types of processed food items such as bread, pasta, many types of snacks and to make different types of sports food as well.

Nutritional value of pulses can be enhanced by using different techniques of processing such as soaking, germination, cooking, roasting and fermentation because these techniques make protein and mineral content such as zinc and iron, easily absorb in the body by stopping the activity of enzymes present in pulses.


By soaking pulses in the solution of 1.5% Sodium Thiocarbonate + 0.5% Sodium Carbonate + 0.75% Citric Acid it take less time to cook the pulses. Beside this soaking dry legumes (like Black Beans, Chickpeas etc) in 0.5% of Sodium Bicarbonate for 18 hours and after that cooking it at the temperature of 121°C for 30 minutes reduces the elements like Raffinose and stachyose which causes gas in stomach.


Method of seed germination of pulses is very easy and popular way to increase the taste, digestion and nutrition values of the pulses. For pulse seeds germination, soak seeds in equal amount of water for 8- 10 hours till they absorbs all the water and get swelled up. Now tie up these soaked seeds in a muslin cloth and put it in a warm place. Do not let the muslin cloth dry up. In 12-24 hours seeds will start sprouting. In summers seeds take less time in sprouting. In sprouted pulses vitamin B is in rich quantity and vitamin C is also in rich quantity. Protein present in sported pulses also gets digested quickly.


Method of eating roasted pulses is very popular in India. By roasting the pulses, its color and taste get enhanced. By roasting, pulses becomes crispy and a different type of fragrance is developed. Sprinkle some water to the whole pulses or mix it in sand and common slat before roasting. According to the pulses variety temperature between 200-250°C of the utensil should be kept for 2-3 minutes for roasting. Salt and sand are filtered through sieving. By roasting it, pulses can be stored for a long time.


Micro-organism and bacteria present in food helps in their fermentation process. Fermentation process leads to the formation of Carbon dioxide, due to which fermented food looks bubbly and reticular. Food items prepared through fermentation process differ from the common food items and their nutrients also increases. Mixture of fermented Pulses and Rice are widely much used in India. To prepare this mixture pulses and rice are soaked in water for 4-6 hours separately. Then it is grinded finely by adding little water. Finely grinded mixture is kept whole night in a warm place for fermentation process. Fermented food items are a good source of Vitamin C and B.

In this way, by using different processing methods pulses can be used to make various food items such as bread, pasta, cake, soup, sauce and gluten free products. Processed food through this method enhances food nutrients. Apart from this, pulses processing can be proved as good change in employment sector. Due to the availability of more facilities, more processing units are being established in the city. But if it is introduced in the villages, it will prove more beneficial for the unemployed youth of the villages.

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