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Panchagavya- A Natural Growth Stimulant for Plants

From ancient times, India is organic based agricultural country and it is also mentioned in our scriptures. Panchagavya means Panch + Gavya (five substances obtained from the cow) i.e. it is made by the mixture of cow urine, dung, milk, curd, and ghee. In ancient time, it was use to increase the soil fertility along with improving the disease resistant capacity in plants.


• Increase in number of friendly insects

• Increase in fertility level of soil

• Increase in crop production

• Maintains the air and moisture in field

• Reduces the impact of pest and disease in the crop

• Based on local resources

• Based on simple and cheap techniques

Procedure for making Panchagavya:

• On first day mix 2.5 kg cow dung or 1.5 ltr cow’s urine in 250 gm Clarified Butter (Desi Ghee) and put them in earthen pot and close the lid properly. For next three days daily mix this mixture with hands, and on fourth day mix all the ingredients in the pot and then again cover with lid.

• After that when it is fermented properly and fragrance will start coming, then you can say that Panchagavya is ready to use. And if the opposite happens and sour like foul odor comes then extend the procedure of mixing for one week more. In this way Panchagavya is prepared.

• Now you can use 250 gm of Panchagavya by mixing it in 10 ltr water to spray it on any crop.

• It can be used for 6 months. The average cost of preparing this solution is Rs.70 per litre.

Method of use:

• Use of Panchagavya can be done in cereals, pulses, and vegetable crops.

• At the time of spraying there must be appropriate amount of moisture.

• From seed sowing to harvesting, its usage is done at the interval of 25-30 days.

• For per acre land use 20 ltr Panchagavya by mixing in 800 ltr water for spraying.

Seed treatment:

Spraying of mixture by mixing 1 ltr Panchagavya solution in vermi compost on seeds and add light layer on seeds and then place them in shade for 30 mins.

For plants:

• Dip seedlings in solution and then use it for sowing.

• After transplantation or sowing, spraying should be done 3 times at the interval of 15-25 days.


• Availability of appropriate moisture is required in the field while using Panchagavya.

• The water of one field should not pass in to the other fields.

• Its spraying should be done in morning time (before 10 am) and in evening (after 3 pm).

• Place the solution in shady and cool place.

• Don’t place this mixture in metal, steel or copper utensils.

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