5 Surprising Facts of Sugarcane Juice

A glass of cold sugarcane juice not only satisfies our thirst but also boost us with energy. It is not surprising that India is one of the main producers of sugarcane. The scientific name of sugarcane is “saccharum aufirinaram”. It is called by many different names in local language. Carbohydrate, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, vitamin A, B complex and vitamin C are also found in rich quantity in sugarcane. There are more than 36 varieties of sugarcane.

There is no fat in sugarcane, in fact it is 100 % natural drink and it contains about 30 grams natural sugar. That is why you do not need to add extra sugar to increase its sweetness. A sugarcane plant can grow up to 30 feet. Depending on the climate, it can take 9-24 months for sugarcane plant to get mature. Sugarcane juice is a mixture of sucrose, fructose and many other glucose varieties that is why it is sweet in taste. There is a total of 13 grams of fiber in a glass of sugarcane juice, which is essential in fulfilling many body functions.

So today we are going to share with you the health benefits of sugarcane juice

• Sugarcane juice is helpful in protecting against many diseases. It does not cause any problem in the disposal of your stool-urine and there is no infection.

• Sugarcane juice reduces bad cholesterol levels. It contains natural sweetness. This improves the metabolism by cleaning the toxic substances from our body and is also good in taste.

• Due to sweet nature of sugarcane juice it is not harmful for patients with diabetes.

• Sugarcane is beneficial in increasing the body’s immune system. It is helpful in preventing stomach infection and in the treatment of constipation.

Sugarcane is beneficial for a beautiful skin. It prevents acne, scar marks and keep moisture in the skin.

In this way Sugarcane is a very healthy alternative.

In Northern India, Kheer (sweet dish made of rice and milk) made by using sugarcane juice is quite famous.

Important Ingredients

• 1.5 Lt. – Fresh Sugarcane Juice

• 2 Cup – Rice

• 1 Lt. – Milk

• Grated Coconut (according to requirement)


• Heat sugarcane juice and let it be thickened for a while.

• After that wash rice and add in it

• Add milk after rice is cooked

• Then mix it and cook it for a while.

• Now add coconut in it and stir it well.

• Add dry fruits of your choice. Your Kheer is ready!

Sugarcane juice is an energetic juice that keeps body temperature well, it immediately hydrate the body and provides instant energy.

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