How to attain a crop which gives two times the profit of an investment?

Without sacrificing the taste of sweetness, get a relief from sugar diseases, with the sweet revolution plant stevia. Know how to start cultivation of this plant. The price of crop will be decided before harvest. It is very useful for producing various medicines.
In present time younger generation is not that much interested in cultivation because for a long period of time they have seen their family and elderly just passing by and through the family, who are entangled to the sale of wheat and paddy because of the scarcity of sale. Therefore it leaves not a good experience for next generation. It is time to try so good innovative ideas for farming as per of demand. The cultivation of stevia is such cultivation. This blog will try to answer all the questions in mind about starting stevia farming.

Selection of Field:

If your field has PH level of 6.5-7.5 and is capable to gold moisture, it is most suitable land for the cultivation of stevia. The land on which cultivation of potato can be performed, the cultivation of stevia can be done too, as they need less amount of water. The soil which is medium to heavy and sandy in nature is beneficial for the crop. To say it directly, water should not stand as it will damage the crop.

Time of Sowing:

Sowing can be done in any month of year, except December and July.
Planting Method: It is highly recommended to plant 30,000 plants in one field. The bed of these plants should be made at a height of 3 foot. The distance from plant to plant and queue to queue needs to be of 1 foot. This method is best as the drainage of water will be proper and crop wouldn’t get damaged.

Watering Time:

The main thing to keep in my mind is that water should be given right after the plantation of the plant. After this, in summers drip irrigation should be brought forward for 15-20 minutes, it should be done from second of third day. If a farmer is drip irrigation in his field then labour and money is saved very much. Winter don not require a high amount of water, water can be given according to the need of the plant.


There is no need to use a high amount of fertilizers and spray. The more we use a mixture of Neem and spray it in the field before sowing and fodder is required in small amount only.

Harvesting and Maintenance:

Crops needs to be harvested right after reaping. There should be no delay at all in monsoon. In summers leaf needs to be separated from stick with the help of hot air. These leaves can be deposited in a plastic bag. This bag needs to seal properly and should be kept away from moisture. They can be stored for a long period of time.


This is the most important because farmers get the result of their hard work. The company that makes a contract with a farmers for the farming of stevia determines the price of it for next two or three years. The successful contracting farmer Rajpal Singh Gandhi’s Green Valley farm is the first stevia farm in itself and also has first stevia processing plant is located.

See this table for better understanding of stevia’s merging:

For example, from

  • February 1 to February 15
  • First harvesting – 1st May to 7th May
  • Second Harvest – June 25 to June 30
  • Third Harvest – 25-30 September
  • Fourth Harvest – November 25-30
  • At least four shavings can be taken
  • The first year will yield about 1800 kg of dried leaves.
  • Value per kg – 100 rupees
  • 1800 x 100 = Total amount of 180000 per acre

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