Better Garden- Prepare Compost from Kitchen Waste

We use different types of pesticides to maintain the beauty of our garden, so that our plants remain lush and green. We forget, how dangerous these insecticides are for plants. Today we are going to tell you about the beneficial domestic and natural manures for the garden, which are already present in our house.

Peanut shells: Generally we throw away the shells after eating peanut. But the essential nutrients are found in the peanut shells, which are helpful in making the soil fertile.

Date seeds: Good quantity of nutrients are found in the date seeds. It helps in making the soil fertile, many people put the date seeds in the soil to strengthen the root of the plants.

Rice: Carbohydrate and starch are found in cooked rice, which is essential for the soil of the garden. It is best mostly for the fruit gardens.

Coffee: In coffee, good amounts of minerals and acids are found, which help to grow trees early. This is the best manure for the garden.

Vegetable Peels: Vegetable peels, which are thrown daily in the trash, can also be used for the tree manure.

Flesh of fruits and vegetables: Mainly after extraction of juice, we will throw the flesh of the fruits and vegetables. But this flesh is beneficial for our gardens and it also attracts the earthworms.

Eggs Peel: Egg manure is very good for garden. Egg peel provide protein and minerals to the plants and not only this, it also helps to keep rats and squirrels away from the plants.

Tea leaves: Tea leaves are most suitable for garden. Most nutrients are found in herbal and black tea.

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