newspapaer seed

Seed germination through newspaper method

Newspaper method is very effective for seed germination. By this method seeds germinate within 2-3 days. Later it is beneficial to make the place in the field and water it immediately after sowing. Fold the paper four times and then dip the newspaper in the water. After that place the seeds at some distance on the newspaper and then roll the newspaper and tie it with thread. When root formation starts then sow them in the soil.

After choosing for Desi or advanced varieties, before seed sowing two things must be kept in the mind, first before sowing do inspection of seeds whether they are good or not by doing seed germination and second if the seeds are good then sowing must be done after doing seed treatment.
Germination inspection: It is done in the same way as done in houses for pulse germination. Soak the seeds in water for some hours (this method gets changes according to climate and seeds, Chick pea seeds needs to be soaked for 7-8 hours in summer season. In winter season it will take more time for germination. The thin layer seed takes less time for germination. Then the seeds are placed on thick cotton cloth and kept in the dark but in airy place. Maintain the moisture level. Minimum 70-90% germination is necessary otherwise change the seeds. If seeds exchange is not possible then increase the number of seeds.

Another easy method for germination inspection is to fold the paper four times and then dip the newspaper in the water. Without using lime, place 50-100 seeds on newspaper at some distances and then fold the newspaper. Then close both the corners of the newspaper with thread loosely. And then again soak the newspaper in water. Drain out the extra water. After removing excess water put the newspaper in polythene bag and hang it internally in the house. After 3-4 days open the newspaper and count the number of seedlings.

The seed inspection procedure should be done before 2-3 weeks of sowing so that if seeds are needed to be changed then they can be changed on time.

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