animal urine

If blood is coming in animal urination then must read this

Generally after two months of pregnancy, problem of blood in urination is faced. Mostly it comes in cows. There can be many reasons for this and it can be dangerous also, but if the dairy farmer himself takes little precautions then major loss can be prevented. When sometimes this problem is faced frequently and severely, then nearby veterinary doctor are consulted and bottles are also injected to animals.

What to do in this type of situation?

Firstly check the colour of urine. If urine is coming in many colours then immediately consult the veterinary doctor, but if the urine colour is dark red in colour (tomato red) then there is phosphorus and iron deficiency in the cattle due to which red platelets are coming out through urine. To prevent it for a short time you can give urine vaccine to the animal, with this vaccine, the disease will be controlled for a short time. But for its cure, you can adopt a home-based remedy, in which take one fist full of coriander. If cow is suffering from this problem then use buffalo’s milk and if buffalo is suffering from this problem then use cow’s milk. In this way you can get rid of this problem.

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