for animals

Now no need to buy calcium from the market, make calcium for animals at home

Generally after pregnancy, animals suffers from calcium deficiency, due to which it affects the milk production of the cattle. In order to fulfil this shortage, we purchase calcium products of different companies available in the market. But actually many calcium sources are also present around us. Many of you may already have applied lime powder in the water feeding tank of the animals for calcium deficiency. This is also a great way, if you are making lime water solution. You can note the method to prepare it.

Important Ingredients

Earthen Pot


Lime Powder

1 Sack

Method for Calcium Preparation- Take an earthen pot and break it a little from the upper part. Fill that pot with water. Add a lump of Lime powder in the pot. Bubbles will start coming out of it. Lime water will dry out till next day. Next day again fill it with water. In this way, keep adding water continuously in the pot, the day comes when water will not dry up, then filter that water with a sack. While filtering the solution, the lime which is left out filtered in the sack, dry it up in the sun. After drying the lime in the sum it will turn into powder. Whenever you are giving water to the animals, at that time add 50 grams of that fine lime powder in the water feeding tank, in this way animal will not suffer from calcium deficiency.

Note: Direct lump of lime should not be given directly to the animals

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