For Commercial Fish Farming, Keep These Things In Mind

Following points should be keep in mind to carry out successful fish farming business.


1. For one acre, 2000 small fishes are needed.

2. In highly warmed areas, carp fishes with thorns are kept for fish farming. It is of two types – Indian Major Carp and Chinese Common Carp

3. In the ponds / shafts, flesh eating and prohibited fish like African Magur should not be kept. Because these fishes are dangerous for other fishes that can be farmed and they also pollute the atmosphere.

4. Keep the height of the edges of the pond / shafts about three feet above the adjacent grounds so that the pesticides used in the crops cannot come in the pond by the flow of water.

5. High protein fish meal should be given in the form of dosage. Do not overdo the dosage.

6. These varieties are ready for marketing in 1 to 1.5 years.

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