Learn to make Gooseberry Candy

Gooseberry has many qualities, it has plenty of vitamin C in it, Gooseberry consumption in any way is very beneficial for our body. Gooseberry makes the digestion system and body resistance stronger. It helps us to stay healthy and fit. Today we are going to share the recipe of Gooseberry Candy.

• Gooseberry: 1 Kg
• Sugar: 700 Grams


• Add and boil this much amount of water in a large utensil so that gooseberry sinks into it well. When water starts boiling then add gooseberry into it and boil it for two minutes and after that turn off the flames and cover the utensil with a lid for 5 minutes.

• Filter Gooseberry from the water and let it cool down. After cooling it down cut the gooseberry into pieces with the help of a knife and remove the pips.

• Add the sliced pieces of gooseberry into a big jar and add 650 grams of sugar on the top of it and close it with a lid. Make powder of the left 50 grams of sugar.

• Till next day you will find gooseberry pieces floating into the sugar syrup. After 2-3 days the gooseberry pieces will settle down in the bottom of the jar. Filter the sugar syrup from the gooseberry pieces that was left in the jar.

• After that dry the gooseberry in the sun. When the gooseberry pieces are fully dried then toss it with some powdered sugar powder and store it in a jar for daily use.

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