benefits of soil

Know more about different types of soil

As we all know that what is the importance of soil in agriculture, soil is the base of all the things that we use from our food to clothes, so let’s know more about different types of soil.

1) Alluvial Soil:
Potash is found in abundant in this soil and the amount of phosphate, humus and nitrogen is less. These soils are very good for orchard cultivation.

2) Black Soil:
Calcium, potassium and magnesium are found in abundant in this soil but nitrogen content is less. This soil is consider good for growing crops like cotton, tobacco, chilly, oil seeds, guar, ragi and maize.

3) Red Soil:
Crops like cotton, wheat, pulses, tobacco, jowar, linseed, millet, potatoes and fruits can be produced in this soil because iron content is high in this soil and it is also suitable for the crops like red gram, Bengal gram, green gram, groundnut and castor seed.

4) Laterite Soil:
Laterite is a type of clay and rock in which iron and aluminum are found more and most of its colour is wild-red, with high iron oxide, Laterite soil is less fertile, but if it is well-fed and irrigated then crops like tea, Coffee, rubber, coconut, aroma etc. can be grown in it.

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