Learn how to make lemon syrup and its benefits

In this way we can make lemon syrup.

• Lemon juice = 500-750ml
• Sugar = 3.5kg
• Water = 750ml-1ltr
• Citric acid = 5gm (1 teaspoon)
• Lemon essence = 2 teaspoon
• Food color (yellow) = 0.2 grams per liter matter

Take fully matured fruits and wash them. With the help of Stainless steel knife cut the fruits into two pieces and extract the juice. Filter the lemon juice with muslin cloth. In one utensil, add sugar and water and put it on a flame and keep stirring it. After simmering the water two-to-three times, add citric acid and filter the syrup with muslin cloth. When sugar syrup comes to normal temperature then mix juice and essence in it. Mix the color in small volume of syrup and then mix it in whole volume. Fill the prepared syrup in cleaned and germ-free bottle. Seal the bottle and you can store it for long time.

Benefits of Lemon Syrup:
The consumption of lemon syrup in the morning helps the body to absorb vitamins effectively and helps to boost immune system.

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