After plant development many major deficiencies are seen. At starting time zinc, phosphorus, boron, sulfur deficiency is seen which show the symptoms of yellowing of crop. Along with this due to the deficiency of micro-nutrients, the plant turns brown in color and leaves turns yellowish or brownish in color. At that time to get rid of the deficiency from nutrients, domestic or organic way is used. To complete the nutrient amount in plants, following ingredients are used for spraying in per acre land:

• Sour buttermilk (15 days old)=4-6 ltr
• Pakistani namak= 1 kg
• 1 Utensils (drum or bucket) having 10 ltr capacity
• 1 piece of copper (any copper utensil)

Take a utensil and add 4-6 ltr sour buttermilk and place one copper utensil in it. For 4 days keep this material in shade. Avoid it to place in sunny place. After 4 days the color of buttermilk will change and at that time take out the copper utensil. After this boil Pakistani namak@1 kg in water. Boil it until all the Pakistani namak will melt. After that add this mixture in the mixture of sour buttermilk and mix it well. By this way the spray is prepared and by spraying it, the amount of nutrients is fulfilled. This mixture is enough for one acre land. Spraying is done by mixing this mixture in 100-130 ltr water.

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