Can you imagine life without trees?

Only 35 billion trees have left in India which means there are only 28 trees for 1 person. Point to be noted here is that 15.3 billion trees are being cut every year and we are losing 2 trees per person every year. The main reason is that we are planting very less trees. According to a report from Nature Journal only 5 billion trees are being planted every year while 15 billion trees are being cut.

Effects of decreasing number of trees

Increase in pollution and diseases, filthy air, dead soil, persistent drought, water deficiency in soil, oxygen deficiency, less rain, increasing temperature, drying rivers etc.

How can we protect the trees?

• We need to protect the cutting of trees by illegal ways.
• Strict action should be taken against trees smuggling.
• Every person should be a part in protecting the trees.
• Plant at least 2 trees a year.
• Don’t just plant the trees but also protect them.
• Use paper and other stuff wisely which comes from the trees.
• Reuse gift and paper bags and recycle the paper products.
• People need to be aware of the importance of trees for us and our future generations. Save the trees around you and protect them because every person’s contribution is important.

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