Causes and solutions of not conceiving pregnancy in animals in spite of insemination

Cattle which do not conceive pregnancy even after 3 times injection of semen are called as repeater. This problem is commonly known as repeat breeder. This is a very common problem these days. There can be many reasons for this like knot in cervix. Farmers should see that the animal should go in heat or estrus 22 days before or after insemination. If the cow goes in heat in 17-18 days after insemination the disease is different and if it goes in heat after 26-28 days of insemination, then disease is different. Which disease is this?

Did the veterinary doctor come and take the vaccine, did he ask about the estrus of animal in the last month. There are many things which should be noted by the farmers only like estrus or heat process of the animal, number of days in this process etc. Rest you should all know that the mucus discharge strands should be clear and transparent if that is not clear or porous then do not get the animal conceived instead call an experienced veterinary doctor and get the animal treated by putting medicine in cervix.

Other reasons for the cattle being repeater :

1. Congenital defects in reproductive organs.
2. Lower body weight.
3. Lack of balanced diet.
4. Deterioration of the hormonal balance in body.
5. Hot environment.
6. Way of getting the animal conceived.
7. Lack of information about estrus time and insemination time.

Treatment :

We are going to share some remedies to cure this problem:
1. First thing is that the diet of the animals should be balanced. At the time of mating of the animal, feed the animal with 125 grams Rasond, which you can easily get from any grocery store.

2. If mucus discharge is clean and transparent then give REPETOVET to the animal 3 times a day for 5 days. It is a homeopathy medicine.

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