A non-curable disease that can affect the poultry business badly

In poultry, there is a contagious disease that is non-curable; name of the disease is “Raanikhet”. Not only in poultry but this disease also found in ducks, pigeons and birds. This is a contagious disease of Chicks, which spreads very fast through air, water and feed. There is no cure after the disease is fully spread.

Symptoms of the disease:

• Sudden death, sadness, loss of appetite, watery poop of chicks
• Stiff neck and paralysis
• Difficulty in breathing and cough
• Deficiency in laying eggs
• The spread of this disease increases the death rate by 100%.

How to cure this disease:

• This disease is non-curable. Antibiotics can be given to prevent germs from growing.

• When diagnosed with illness, immediately put the sick chickens in a different place.

• Don’t allow more people to enter into the farm. Spread calcium oxide on the entrance; enter the farm stepping on the calcium oxide.

• Bird that dies from this disease should be suppressed or destroyed by fire.

• Vaccination is most important and is necessary from time to time, first vaccination of chickens should be done in 3 to 7 days, then after 28 days and continue vaccination three times a year.

• If the “Ranikhet F1” vaccine is given at the beginning of the disease, it can be improved in 24 hours.

• Keep the poultry farm clean.

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