Effective Weapon against Pests in Sugarcane and Groundnut crop

Today we are going to tell you about effective weapon against pests in the sugarcane and peanut crop.
White grubs are the most destructive insect pests for sugarcane and groundnut crops. This pest grows on the root system of the crop and chews off the plant roots just below the soil surface and as the result the plant dies.

sugarcane insect

This pest remains alive for a year.

Use of Castor Solution is the best and inexpensive method to deal with white grubs.

Grind 5 kg castor seed and add them to five litres of water and mix them well. Leave the mixed solution in a plastic drum for 10 days. Take some clay pots with a capacity of five litres and bury them up to neck at different places in the farm. On 11th day pour the 2 litres of solution into every pot and fill rest with water.

Insects will be attracted to the smell coming from the clay pot and fall into it. The dead insects float above the solution in the pot. The solution can be kept for at least three months.

For one acre land five clay pots are enough.

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