What is the right time for dehorning calves

Horns are meant to protect and defend animals from other animals, from which they attack on other animals. Animal breeds are also identified with horns. But it is difficult to control horned animals and work with them because while working there is always a fear to other animals and human workers around them. Hornless animals look beautiful and their prices are relatively high in the market.


To dehorn the calves few days after their birth, medicine ointment is applied at the horn roots or surgery is done. This work must be done when cow’s calf is of 10-15 days age & buffalo calf is of 7-10 days age because at that time horns are not attached to the skull, due to which it can be removed easily. Dehorning calves over this age would hurt them.


Earlier while dehorning the calves, Caustic Potash was used at the body area where horn will grow out, due to which it destroys the roots of the horn. But now this work is done through surgery by using a special electric machine which is also known as dehorner. Before the surgery the location of the horn roots are numbed by giving injection, where by the animal will not suffer. After dehorning, there will be some wounds on the skin, apply antiseptic cream on it, it will be healed in few days. Dehorning in big cattle is difficult to do because big surgery is needed to do it, moreover the wound is also big which takes more time to get healed.

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