Do not miss this food in your diet

Egg is the purest and the cheapest source of food with rich nutrients which even a common man can afford.
Indians eat just 65 eggs per person per year. But what should be the normal intake of eggs by an average Indian? As per the National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad. Indians per capita eggs consumption should be 180 eggs to make it a balanced diet.

Egg contains:

1. Protein: Easily digestible, helps in building and repair of body tissues. Amino acids present in eggs are essential for growth.

2. Fats: Supplies energy helps in absorption of soluble vitamins.

3. Vitamin A: Useful for eyesight.

4. Vitamin D: Essential for strong bones and teeth.

5. Vitamin B-6, B-1, B-12: Add to red blood cells and essential for strength of the body.

6. Calcium, Phosphorus and other Minerals: Responsible for development of muscles, teeth and bone strength.

7. Iron:  A major constituent of food.

Eat healthy, be nutrition-wealthy
So, Sunday ho ya Monday Roj Khao Ande !

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