This solution is real magical elixir for crops

This solution helps in crop growth. With very little efforts we can prepare it within 24 hours.


• 1 Liter of Cow Urine

• 1 Kg Cow Dung

• 250 gm Jaggery

• 10 Liter Water

Preparation Method

Properly mix cow dung in water and then mix cow urine in it. Break Jaggery into pieces and mix it in little water or urine. Make sure no lumps are left. Then mix it in the cow dung and urine solution. Cover the solution and keep the solution in shade for 24 hours. Remains of waste and damaged fruits can be used in place of jaggery. For this, put 1 kg of rotten fruits in a nylon mesh net and immerse it in the dung and urine solution. Let it be immersed for five days. This initiates the fermentation process well.

Method of Use:

  • Mix one liter of this magical solution in 10 liters of water and sprinkle it.
  • Add water in the correct amount in the magical solution. Less water in the solution can burn the leaves.
  • To sprinkle in one acre, add 60-100 liters of magical solution in irrigation water.
  • According to the crop’s growth and convenience after every two weeks use this solution.

Benefits — By using this solution crop leaves growth are enhanced. Pests are also prevented by using this solution.

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