wheat harvesting

Remember theses points you should keep in mind after harvesting wheat

Here are few points you should keep in mind after harvesting wheat:

1. Wheat which is manually harvested should be dried for 3-4 days so that only 10-12% moisture content remains in the grains.
2. Avoid drying of grains in direct sunlight and excessive drying of grains should be avoided.


3. Storage of grains should be done in C.A.P. and in silage.
4. In order to prevent the grains in storage from pests and diseases, use 1% Malathion solution.
5.Keep you seeds in a shed in the Mandis (market place) to protect them from bad weather conditions.
6. In the storage, keep the grain bags at least 50 cm away from the walls.
7. Farmers should not sell damp wheat seeds as not drying them may save their time, but by the time they reach consumers, these seeds start getting spoiled.

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