Why fish is a healthy diet?

Fish have all the elements that are present in a healthy diet. Fish diet is rich in protein and plenty of vitamins and minerals. Fish diet is very healthy for pregnant ladies and children. Fish meat has less amount of fat so it can be eaten by heart patient. There is no starch and sugar present in fish so it can eaten by diabetic patient. Essential elements for the human body, such as phosphorus and calcium, are both available from the fish. In small fish both the ingredients are found, whereas iodine is more in sea fish. The fish in fresh water have equal amount of phosphorus, calcium and iron. Small fishes have high amount of vitamin A and D and oil extracted from their liver is also beneficial. Human diet has less amount of protein and this deficiency causes bad health. As a result, the body does not develop properly and muscles get weak. According to diet experts, it is important for a healthy person to eat the amount of protein according to their weight.

Nutritional Importance of Fish: –

Fish is being consumed in many ways from ancient times in the whole world. The fish has a high amount of protein. This protein can be easily digested. Biologists have proved that the importance of protein found in fish is higher than eggs, chicken and meat. In addition to protein, there are high amounts of vitamins and minerals in the fish. The amount of carbohydrate is less in fish so it is very beneficial for diabetic patient. Fish meat has less amount of fiber 3.5% whereas other meat has 15-20% fiber in it. This is the reason fish meat can be easily digested. The highest number of deaths in India are due to heart attack and it is believed that the fish’s meat prevents heart attack. So add fish meat in the daily diet.

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