potato crop

Proper arrangement of irrigation in potato farming

Potato is the crop grown in many districts of Punjab. Many improved varieties, seeds, manure and water management are very important to get more yield.Water is the first and most important requirement for this crop and getting more or less quantity of water, both lose a crop yield.more or less amount of irrigation stop the growth of crop.

Therefore it is very important to give proper amount of water to the potato crop.Sometimes, water is kept in the ridges during irrigation, which is adversely affected by the crop.In such a situation, due to the lack of oxygen, the crop roots have difficulty breathing and the crop starts drying up. Apart from this fungal infection is more in roots. Due to excessive moisture, the crop is more under disease attack.

Irrigation in potatoes can be done in two ways: –

By ridges : – It is a traditional method, which sometimes leads to excessive water, which also leads to loss of crops. Do the irrigation immediate after sowing by which the crop rises properly. The first irrigation should be light. This is the result of irrigation due to this method is sometimes the water flows over the ridges with which the soil becomes hard and the growth of the crop affects badly. Make 7-8 irrigation for optimum crop yield. If the paddy straw is applied immediately after sowing in the field, then 2 irrigation can be saved.

Drip irrigation method: –

The excessive irrigation affects the crops and the roots of the plant. Give the crop as much water as the crop needs. The best method for irrigation in potatoes is drip irrigation, by this, crop yield is also good and there is also 38% water savings. With this method the plants are given in direct roots as per the requirement by this method irrigation is applied after two days interval. The advantages of irrigation with this method are as follows: –

• Water goes directly to the roots of the plant, which uses water properly.

• In addition, weeds grow less in the field.

• There is an increase in crop yield.

• Potatoes are less prone to disease, which reduces the use of spray.

• Fertilization is also saved by this method.

• With this method, the harvesting of potatoes can be done earlier.

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