diet fro animals

Formula to prepare balanced feed for animal for growth in milk

Cattle’s health and milk production depends on their proper dose. Along with this, the right amount of calcium should be given. Today, a home-remedy is being shared with you that how a balanced feed can also be prepared at home.

To make balanced feed of 100 Kg there are some essential ingredients such as 25 kg of grains (Sorghum, Pearl millet (winter), wheat, barley (summer) one of these), Pulses Choker 20 kg (Moong Bean Choker, Beans Choker ( winter), Red Lentils Choker, Pigeon pea lentils (one of them) , 25 kg (paddy straw), fiber covering 15 kg (wheat, choker, Chickpeas coverings, pea coverings one of them), Neem Cake 15 kg (mustard, binola or soya (one of them), 250 gm sweet soda, 1 kg of salt, jaggery 1 kg, 1 kg turmeric (in winter), mix everything well. This feed is very beneficial for the cattle.


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