management of honey bees in spring season

Learn how honeybees can be managed in spring season

Spring Season is considered to be best for honeybees and beekeepers. Here are some of the pointers for bee management in spring. During this time period, enough amount of pollen and flower juices are present everywhere, due to which number of honeybee doubles up in this season. Resulting honey also doubles up.

So, today we are going to share some tips for better bee management in spring season.

By the end of winter season, the packing of bee boxes such as sack, strip and old roof needs to be removed slowly.

Boxes need to be emptied and properly cleaned.

If it’s possible use 500 gm of sulphur for the filling up of the cracks, so that mites can be killed.

White paint should be applied on the boxes thoroughly on the outer side. So that heat coming from outside can be blocked and the temperature of boxes could be maintained.

Artificial food should be provided to bees so that their capacity and number can increase. As a result higher production can be under taken.

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