It is very important to take care of these things while buying puppies

Usually people start keeping pets without even knowing about their nature which sometimes leads to difficulties. Keep few things in mind while choosing a right puppy for you, if you want to take your puppy for a dog show then choose his/her colour wisely and there should be no mark near its eyes. Mark on one eye is not considered good; mark should be on both sides so that your puppy can take park in show ring. Besides this there are some important points to be considered while buying puppies:

•Check the legs of the puppy properly and count all the fingers. There should be four fingers on the foot and one small finger should be on the inside of the foot.

•Open the mouth of the dog and check its palate.

•Its face should not be like parrots, and both jaws should be equal.

•All its teeth should be in a row and when the mouth is closed, there should be no gap between upper and lower teeth.

•The gums should be pink and the pupil colour of the eyes should be the same.

•Smell the ears of the puppy and do not buy if they are stinky.

•Also check that the puppy does not vomit because this may cause stomach disorders.

•Check the tail of the Puppy, if it is littered then the puppy may have Diarrhea. Other puppies with him should not have Diarrhea too.

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