Some important things to prevent ‘algae’ in fish tank

If Fishes are dying in your fish tank, one of the reasons is ‘Algae’.

1. To prevent algae in the fish tank, first start giving a balanced diet as per the breed of the fish, we give excess feed the extra feed starts accumalatin at the bottom of the tank which builds extra algae.

2. Secondly, according to the size of tank get one or two cat fishes in the tank because it consumes the extra algae.

3. Thirdly, use live plants in the tank. In case you can’t get plants buy an air pump it is very useful.

4. Change 30% of the tank water every week and clean the residues with a vacuum cleaner (specially made for aquariums).

5. If you have a bulb or tube for lighting in the aquarium, then change it after one year and close it for 8-10 hours in a day.

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