How to increase fat in cows/buffaloes milk?

Quantity of fat in animals’ milk depends upon the right diet. Animals’ manger should never be empty. Green fodder and enough diet mixture should be available to eat for the animal every time, it will also affect fat. For successful dairy farmers it is necessary to give 4-5 servings of green / feed daily.

Many dairy farmers feed the animals with wet feed, which a reason for decrease in animal fat. Sometimes, when green fodder, dry fodder and diet mixture is not available and the animals are fed with wet feed due to which a cud is decreased and fat gravity also decreases. There should be no immediate change in animals’ feed.

In order to increase fat in animals, size of fodder straw should also be looked at. These days, some farmers, which make fodder pickle, keep the straw size less than 1 inch, due to which there are complaints about less fat.

Animals can also be fed with cotton seeds to increase fat. Quantity of cotton seeds more than 250 grams can lead to obesity in animals.

It is good if indigenous cotton seeds are used.

So, if there is a balanced diet and energy, fat and protein are found in full quantity, then fat and gravity are also assured.

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