Know How to Keep Away your pulses from Dangerous Pests and Diseases

These are the ways to prevent pulses from dangerous pests and diseases


This pest is small in size and of dark brown color. This pest is harmful for green and black grams of summer season.In dry season this pests sucks the juice of leaves.
Prevention: To protect your crops from this pest apply 300 ml Triathlons or 100 ml Rogor 30 EC (Dimethoate) or Malathion 400 ml with 80-100 liters water for 1 acre land and spray it.

2.Pod Borer-

In summer season for Punjab region this pests is very harmful for irrigation of green and black gram. This pest destroys crops heavily by eating the plant leaves,pods and buds.
Prevention: To protect your crops make a spray of 60 ml Tracer 45 SC or 800 gm Acetate mix it with 80-100 ml water.

3. Yellow mosaic-

Due to this disease the leaves become yellow and green in color less stains. In the event of more attacks, the whole field becomes yellow.
Prevention:  To protect crops from this disease make a spray of 200 ml polo with 80-100 liters water and spray it.

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