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Do you know the right way to use Bio-fertilizers

Bio-fertilizers are the biological active compounds which help in biological nitrogen fixation for the benefit of the plants. Use of bio-fertilizers is essential in organic farming.

Method of application:

• Seed treatment: For the treatment of 5-10 kg seeds, it requires 500 gm of culture. Firstly moisten the seeds. Then take plastic tray or basin, add 500 gm of culture and moistened seeds. Mix them well and then it is shade dried for 30 minutes. After drying, immediately sowing is done.

• Seedling root dip: The method is used at the time of transplanting. Firstly slurry is prepared by mixing 500 gm culture in 50 ml water. In slurry, roots are dipped for 15-20 minutes before transplanting.

• Soil application: Culture is mixed in FYM or compost in the ratio of 1:25 and then it is directly applied in the soil.

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